About Us - Luv Surf Vacation Homes

Luv Surf Vacation Homes is a full-service, pet-friendly luxury Vacation Rental Company. We own and maintain each of our beach homes (not a property management company). Whether your family is small and prefers a charming seaside bungalow or you have a large group and would feel more comfortable in a three-story home, Luv Surf Vacation Homes has many options to suit your needs. Our properties are situated in the heart of Mission Beach surrounded by ocean breezes and beach style neighborhoods.

Not only is our luxury homes pet-friendly, we have no extra charges should you choose to bring your pup, regardless of size. Included in every vacation rental is pet amenities that make any dog feel at home: pet beds, dog treats, dog toys, dog food and personalized Luv Surf food bowls. And for you, our homes are fully equipped with anything you should need in addition to a personalized concierge staff. We are dedicated to providing you (and your pets) with the perfect home-away-from-home experience.

Thank you, and we look forward to your stay!
Luv Surf Vacation Homes Team

Main Contact:
Kirsten  203-671-5261
Property Manager
For Any Maintenance Needs
Maintenance Contact:
Joe 619-665-1645
Director of Maintenance Operations